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My street Cuban Stories

от Diana Ivanova, Babak Salari / превод от испански: Maria Teresa Ortega Sastriques

“When you read these stories, you realize that the storytelling wonder called ‘magical realism’ is actually very simple and attainable. Here people are telling stories about their own streets and cities, and their words are full of colors, scents, life, sorrow, simple miracles. The everyday tales of people who refuse to see the world stripped of its magic. Such as in the story of a young Cuban man who, while strolling down his childhood street, wants to shrink it, cut it out and put it in his pocket. These are personal Cuban stories, so natural, yet so magical. Words that open doors.”

Georgi Gospodinov
Writer, Sofia

“My Street is a travelogue of sorts,a ‘road book’ reminiscent of classic road movies; it not only crisscrosses the island geographically, but also takes its pulse... My Street’s dynamism helps us enter realities that are as unknown asthey are simple, as hidden as they are ordinary.”

Roberto Zurbano Torres
Cultural Critic, Havana

  • Заглавие: My street Cuban Stories
  • Автор: Diana Ivanova, Babak Salari
  • Превод от испански: Maria Teresa Ortega Sastriques
  • Оформление: Raycho Stanev
  • Редактор: Angela Rodel
  • Жанр: Художествено-документална литература
  • Поредица: Кубинската поредица
  • Корична цена: 18.90 лв.
  • Цена online: 17.96 лв.
  • Меки корици
  • Брой страници: 147
  • Дата на издаване: 02.2010
  • ISBN: 978-954-491-604-6

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